Tue, 09 Jan 2018

New Year's Resolution Independence

pre-alpha 1802 devlog

Since the last update most of my time was spent on research and playing around with things to get the lighting in the engine right (HDR, bloom, AO, …). But things are a bit more complicated than I thought; not on the technical side, but actual design. So most of the work from the last 3 weeks lives in another branch.

For this release I fixed numerous UI bugs, especially scaling. Amongst them:

  • layouts getting scaled beyond the game-window’s boundaries
  • hint-overlays rendered at the wrong position when HighDPI was enabled
  • some images not scaling at all
  • everything but the primary window not scaling

By default UI scaling happens automatically but with this release the scaling factors for all the different windows can be set manually from within the options-menu. It is most likely that I will not keep the scaling-options for every single window in the future, but group them together to: windows, pop-ups, hints.

And finally I replaced more font-based symbols with SVGs. This not only makes modding easier, but reduces texture-memory usage because of the way my engine handles glyph-rendering. For every requested glyph the engine renders not only a single glyph but all (glyph & ~0x7f) glyphs to a texture. This makes sense during rendering of text, but is highly wasteful when selecting only single glyphs from a font to use as graphics.

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