Tue, 23 Jan 2018

Features are in; the looks: not so much

pre-alpha 1804 devlog

Good news: HDR, Bloom, AO and light bounces are in.

Bad news: only under Apple’s Metal and not tuned to look good yet.

In other words: no release this week. First I need to fine-tune the looks and port the required changes over to the Vulkan back-end.

Nonetheless this is a big milestone, since - basically - all the features are in. With all the required building blocks in place (or soon to be) I can concentrate on polishing what is currently in the game and call it an alpha-version (without the ‘pre’) in the not too distant future.

Related to the lighting in the engine I have also changed how the day/night cycle works. It is now user-customizable how long it lasts:

  1. Fixed Time of Day: Position of the sun only changes based on in-game date.
  2. Game-time: Cycle is linked to in-game time. It takes x weeks to complete.
  3. Real-time: Cycle takes x minutes of real-time to complete. Can optionally speed up based on game-speed.
  4. System-time: Time of day in-game equals current system-time.

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