Thu, 21 Dec 2017

Scaling the Bugs

pre-alpha 1751 devlog

Originally planned as a bug-fix release only (but how interesting is that..), it became its own thing by adding 2 new features:

Support for HighDPI rendering under macOS (Retina)

If enabled in the graphics options Margin Magnate now supports rendering the game at the display’s native resolution. First and foremost this results in better looking fonts. More in-line to what everything other than the game looks like when viewed on a Retina display.

UI Scaling

Long on my list of TODOs I had to implement it now to support HighDPI rendering.

As of now only the center/main windows are scaled. None of the other windows (sidebars, hover boxes, hint-windows) are. Further more the scaling is applied automatically, without any way to override the automatically set scale factor. Both of these limitations are temporary.

Known Problems (engine related)

  • Windows:
    • If an out-of-memory condition occurs on the GPU the game will most likely just crash. In other words: selecting 4x MSAA and running the game fullscreen might not be the best of ideas.
    • AMD GPU:
      • shadows for static geometry are disabled (possible driver bug)
      • While V-Sync is active the framerate varies a lot. It does not result in jumpy/jittery animations like before, but it still does some strange timing-related things.

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