Tue, 14 Nov 2017

Gameplay: Feature Complete

pre-alpha 1746 devlog

This is the first release containing all the features I wanted to have in the game. It is a major milestone and I am glad I finally got here.

In the last devlog I mentioned 4 features which were still missing and I set out to implement 2 of them for this release. For once things went smoother than expected so I added all 4 of them. In other words: marketing, auctions, contracts and licences are in the game.

A while back I also wrote about a few ideas to make the research system more interesting and less micro-managy (head researchers). This change is also in!

So with all the gameplay-features and the biggest change for an existing system in-place I switched tracks to work on the graphics engine (again). 4 features are still missing before I can take a shot at updating/adding/improving models and animations.

Did I say 4 features? Well, make that 3 since one of them was ‘dynamic point and spot lights’, and those are added with this release as well. The remaining 3 features are: shadows (shadow volumes instead of shadow mapping), correct HDR (i.e. tone mapping, bloom, ..) and snow during winter-time.

The road ahead: getting the graphics engine feature complete. Long-term some form of anti-aliasing and SSAO/SSDO will find its way into the engine as well, but it has much lower priority than going back to the gameplay and bringing it up to speed (most importantly: an UI that gives access to the inner workings of the simulation)

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