Tue, 31 Oct 2017

Natural Resources Pt. 1

pre-alpha 1744 devlog

Another step closer to feature-completeness: rework of natural resources and the way they are handled internally.

I labelled this as ‘#1’ since there are still many features in relation to natural resources that I want to include. But the basics and related heavy lifting are done.

March of the Ents


  • Resources are no longer displayed on the map (unless clearly visible, i.e. trees) but have their own ‘overlay’ to show subterranean resources (i.e. iron, crude oil)
  • Three different resources available: wood, crude oil, iron ore
  • Extractors for those resources: logging camp, oil rig, underground mine
  • Forests grow and expand over time
  • Sawmill to further process harvested wood, producing timber
  • Factory that can be tooled to produce beds from timber
  • General Store to sell beds to consumers


  • Memory corruption when rendering glyphs over a certain size

Aside from the necessary polishing the remaining missing features are down to 4: marketing, contracts, auctions and licenses.

I am really looking forward to the point where I can start with an iterative development cycle that is mostly about refining and polishing.

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