Tue, 05 Sep 2017

Greed Is Good

pre-alpha 1736 devlog

More Money

This release adds 2 financial instruments to bolster your stack of cash: loans and stocks.


There are 3 different lenders, each of them offering 1, 10 or 100 million credits. But each lender has different rules when they open their credit lines to you. One of them is always available to the player, at really bad rates. But if you really need the money, that might be all that is available to you. The other two lenders are more risk-averse. One is very conservative, only handing out money if your balance sheet looks good over a long time-frame, but with really good rates, while the other is less risk-averse, offering credit much sooner with mediocre terms.

Stock Market

Orders can be placed on the stock market by the corporation owned by the player or with the private funds of the player. Matching orders in the order book happens once every day and a market maker AI takes care of a bare minimum liquidity.

Most likely I will change the rate of matching orders to once a week (maybe even once a month?), resulting in a fuller order book and more data to allow better speculation on the stock market.

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