Tue, 22 Aug 2017


pre-alpha 1734 devlog

From Overseas To the Consumer

This release adds a few new buildings: a refinery, which allows to refine crude oil (imported with last release’s seaport) to fuel, which can then be sold in a fuel station to the consumer. Since petroleum distillation also produces some side products (i.e. sulfur) another new building is the wastedump, which allows dumping anything into the ground. And finally houses are now built over time, depending on where jobs are available. (Houses are only available to an AI-run company, for the moment.)

No graphics/animations haven been added and the new buildings have quickly-thrown-together placeholder graphics.

Their floor prints are not final, since a refinery will not be the same size as a filling station, obviously.


Another addition in this release is the ability to view datamaps. Currently the following datamaps are available: temperature, rainfall, fertility, air and ground pollution. You can access them via the datamap button in the menu bar on the left:

Datamap Icon


While everything is fully functional it is hard for anyone to know what any of the prices, buttons, checkboxes on the layouts do. The UI needs a serious overhaul, I am aware of that. So I will not try to explain how to get a basic production chain up and running, instead I refer you to a later release.


The next release will not bring a new and self-explanatory UI. Instead I will most likely concentrate on bringing more of the core features of the game back in. Extraction of natural resources, stock market, loans, research, auctions, … and after I have added all those features I will work on a big overhaul for the UI to make all of it accessible.

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