<company name> takes your privacy seriously


These webpages are hosted on and whatever they do is outside my reach. But I have chosen them for a good reason: they are also very privacy conscious.


Since I enjoy a good cookie just as much as everyone else I am very reluctant to share them and keep them to myself. :yummy:

There is only one functionality that uses cookies on this page: When submitting a comment 1 cookie (per comment) is set to identify you as its author, allowing you to edit your own comments for a certain time-period after posting them.

this timeout is set to 5 minutes, but may change.

So if you do not want to have any cookies on your machine, just disable or block them but be aware that you will not be able to correct any typos you notice right after posting a comment. Some people simple cannot do without an edit-function. (you know who you are..)

During development I noticed a very annoying behaviour: Firefox does not (maybe other browsers too) remove expired cookies. So after posting a few comments those cookies started to pile up and I ended up with a few 100 of them. Why it does not remove them…. I do not know. So if you are a regular poster and wonder why there are so many cookies for this page, this is probably why.


This website offers the ability to leave comments. Those comments are stored on the server and made visible to all other users - all the world for all the times even, as they might find their way into

So think long and hard about what you want to say.

Comments do not store any information that would allow tracking the comment back to a person to verify any claim of ‘ownership’ and thusly fulfill requests for modification (i.e. edit or delete).

The aforementioned cookies can easily be forged and the GDPR explicitly prohibits storing more information just to be able to comply with modification requests, so that is that.


I do have links to other webpages - of course - and those are not under my control so I do not have any responsibility for how those sites handle your privacy and personal information.

It is up to you to inform yourself about how (if) those sites value your privacy.

Social Network Plugins

None used here. Do not like them myself. Do not use them myself.

Tracking and Analysis Tools

I do not use any external tracking and analysis tools. Neither internal ones.


There is no logfile that stores the accesses to the webserver on my end.

However I do use Apache’s error log to find problems/errors with the webpage. It is configured to store only 16 bit of the IP address and an entry looks like this:

[Mon May 27 21:46:32 2019] [error] [pid 24494] mod_autoindex.c(2329): [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory

So there is no information contained that could identify you as an individual.