Tue, 10 Jul 2018

Summer Break

pre-alpha 1826 devlog

During the last few weeks I have noticed that I pushed myself too hard over the last few month and that I feel quite exhausted. Thus, for the first time in 17 years I will take a summer break, starting now.

This does not mean that I will not work on Margin Magnate during that time - nor that I will. But it definitely means that I will not publish new devlog entries or releases during that time.

Busy seaport in a warm summer night

I will resume with my bi-weekly release schedule at the end of September or early October. The date has a certain uncertainty because I will take a (~2 week) course to get an Austrian driver’s license for trucks and the date for the course is not yet set, but it should be early/mid September. Add another one or two weeks to work on a new release and it will be calendar week 40 already.

Until then, I wish you all a nice and enjoyable summer!

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