Tue, 17 Apr 2018

Too Many Options

pre-alpha 1816 devlog

When Options Bog You Down

In last release’s “coming up” section I mentioned a few things I might work on. Well, so I did. On each of them and some more even. This left me with no single polished new feature, but many half-baked changes. Hence I decided to not push a new release this time because it would be no improvement over the last version.

Dark UI Theme

Most of my time was spent on the UI renderer to increase the options available for designing user-interface themes. But also to clean it up and simplify. Here is a work-in-progress of the seaport’s import screen using the newly added dark theme:

Coming Up

I guess I will stick to working on the UI for the next release. But just as last time, this is not set in stone. Let us see, together, what I will have in store the next time. :)

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