Tue, 13 Jun 2017

Boring Changelog

pre-alpha 1724 devlog

Graph showing benchmarking results

Noteworthy changes

  1. Screenshots with/without UI (bound by default to o and p).

    • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\My Pictures\Screenshots\Margin Magnate
    • macOS: ~/Documents/Margin Magnate/screenshots
  2. VSync option under Vulkan checks supported present-modes and uses FIFO_RELAXED and MAILBOX, if available.

  3. Collect frame-timings as preparation for benchmarking-mode, as seen in the image above.

    • Windows: %APPDATA%\Local\Margin Magnate\benchmark.csv
    • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/Margin Magnate/benchmark.csv
  4. Added a234 by Kevin MacLeod (of https://incompetech.com/) to test the music system.

PS: If anyone (that’s you: der_boris) wants to know what those big red spikes on the benchmarking-graph are: the UI loading in new or differently sized Unicode glyphs.

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