Mon, 20 Sep 2010

One Wallpaper Across Multiple Screens

First-world problems on display

Ok, maybe I’m just stupid, but when I started using Windows 7 (might be valid for Vista too) I tried to have one big image span my multi-screen setup as wallpaper. I failed. Maybe it’s documented somewhere or it can be googled easily, but that’s the kind of functionality I expect to be intuitive.

But no, none of the Picture positions resulted in the desired effect. They all applied their magic on each screen independently. Great!

As it turns out I never tried Tile because, .. hello? intuitive! Gee, I’m not running Windows 3.111 that had those lousy (but memory efficient) tiles that you could tile (uh) across your screen.

So all in all, it’s “Tile” that allows you to have one huge image as wallpaper across multiple screens. Tell me, is it just me? Am I stupid? Be blunt!

Yes, that was my day: Setting a wallpaper.

Oh, and running a little bit more than 19km. Unfortunately I couldn’t get myself to run 2km more for that half-marathon distance, but there is always a next week. Hopefully with an equally perfect weather for running.

And I created those nifty looking icons for

I really love pixel-art but I suck at it :(

  1. on MS-DOS 6.22 powered by an AMD 486DX-40 and a 512K VGA and 8MB(!) of memory … lane.. sorry. And a Mitsumi FX001D 2x CD-ROM drive for Rebel Assault, attached to a Creative Labs AWE32! Hmm, I think that’s it now. [return]

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